On the Calm Wave

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Individual Session with Therapeutic Instruments

Session takes place in the sports center Plechovka – Praha Dubeč

By placing an order, you confirm that you have read the following information and recommendations:

  • The session takes place in the sports center Plechovka – Kalašova 196, 107 00, Prague Dubeč. Free parking is possible directly in front of the center.
  • Payment for the session must be credited to the account no later than by 13:00 on Friday 7.6.
  • Changing the date for free is possible no later than two working days (48 hours) before the agreed date.
  • Free cancellation is possible 5 working days before agreed date.
  • Sound therapy is not suitable for you if you:
    – suffer from sound-induced epilepsy,
    – have severe depression or suffer from other serious mental problems,
    – are in the first trimester of pregnancy or after the first trimester and you have not consulted it with your doctor,
    – have another serious illness and have not consulted it with your doctor.
  • Wear something comfortable, such as yoga clothes. I recommend long sleeves as well as pants and socks. When we don’t move for a long time, the body naturally cools down and warmth is important for comfort. Blankets will be provided. Another important factor for deep relaxation is darkness. Bring something light to cover your eyes, such as a dark scarf.
  • The phone number that needs to be filled in the form is used so that I can contact you in case of unexpected changes.
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