On the Calm Wave

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a beautiful approach and is incredibly effective. We could talk about it for a long time, but the best way to know sound healing is to experience it yourself.

It is an approach that combines the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and modern research of the effects of sound vibrations. Various therapeutic instruments such as gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, drums, rain towers, voice, tuning forks, Koshi chimes and more are used in the sessions. The sounds that these instruments make is a form of certain energy that goes deep into the cellular structures. It works on all levels of our being. We feel them on the body, they calm the mind, help us process emotions, develop creativity and much more. They help us connect to ourselves and to a higher source, the universe, nature.

Today’s world is very busy, but we operate on different principles and at a different pace. Constant overload, stress, disconnection and many other factors make us feel unwell and sick. Many studies have already shown that stress is behind a number of diseases.

A session with therapeutic instruments will help you release tension and harmonize your body and soul. It will help you tune your cells to a healthy vibration and thus support the restoration of the self-healing process that is a natural part of you.

I am very happy that this approach is gaining more and more followers and students. I also teach and mentor at the Sound Healing Academy and it is amazing to see the transformation of the students and clients. It’s a beautiful journey.

Individual Sessions

You can book individual sessions in Prague:

  • Session 1x 60 min         94,- EUR
  • Session 3x 60 min       260,- EUR

Please contact me for more details. 

Or you can also check my calendar for upcoming group events.




I have had several sound healing sessions with my friend Hana Bartošová, and it was an amazing experience. I am a person who can't stop and calm down but when being at the session, it all happened naturally without much effort!!! During the session, I always disconnected from the outer world easily, and I felt how the sounds of instruments were resonating with my body. I really felt the connection. After the session, I felt regenerated and about 10 years younger!!! I highly recommend sound healing with Hana, who is not only my longtime friend but a true professional, to all who need to heal the body and soul or just relax and regenerate. Thank you Hana!!!

Ivana Zelníčková

I took the sound bath for the first time, and I was thrilled. The sound of the different instruments and their different intensity, accompanied by the lecturer's pleasant voice, is just a fraction of why I would not hesitate to recommend this lesson to everyone. Being with yourself, in the darkness, perceiving the sounds is a relaxation that each of us deserves.

Radka Rozlivková

I would definitely recommend sound healing to everyone. I was personally surprised how easily I could stop and enjoy it. I felt excellent after the class, and the feeling lasted for several days afterward.

Kateřina Laštovková