On the Calm Wave

Inner Peace Yoga

Inner Peace Yoga aims to show you how to deepen and maintain inner peace not only in yoga, but also in your life. It helps you discover your limits, possibilities and inner strength. It shows you how to approach yourself with love, understanding and awareness of your uniqueness, because we are all unique in our own way.

Yoga provides a number of benefits, and one of them is general relaxation. We can quiet the mind, deepen inner peace or release tension in the body. Well, yes, but what to do if you have been practicing yoga for months or even years and you are not able to achieve that?

Most people think that someone who practices yoga is somehow automatically balanced. And that’s the point. Yoga is one of the approaches through which we can deepen conscious experience, calm the mind or overall inner balance. But what matters is how we approach ourselves and yoga. 

The topics I cover are offerings to help you gain more confidence, understand yourself better, feel better about yoga, and enjoy it more. Through movement – yoga you will embrace your abilities, boundaries and inner strength. Everything you learn on the mat transfers beautifully into your life.

Individual Classes

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"Hi Hanka, your course is really great, clearly worked out and with examples. What I take into practice is the ritual before yoga, which gives yoga a different dimension than just practicing asanas, it really brings inner calm and peace. I also felt more energy and a greater zest for life, I manage to do more things, I move more gracefully, it is easier to get into meditation, and I am more attuned to my intuition. The videos active hand, leg, etc. were very nicely processed and using the points makes me feel completely different in the asanas. Until now I've been breathing into my belly, I'll try to break this habit even if I have to keep concentrating on it. I wish you a nice rest of the weekend and I look forward to your next classes. ❤️."