40 Tips for Relief and Relaxation

Do you need to calm down and relax?

Would you like to feel relief in a few minutes?

Would you like to get brief and quick tips?

Hi, I am Hana,

I am certified life coach and I love been teaching sound healing and yoga for many years.

With the help of these approaches, I will guide you to discover life on the calm wave.

See how easily you can draw on the ancient wisdom combined with oder science.


40 Tips for Relief and Relaxation  

40 electronic cards with tips that will help produce quick relief and relaxation.

Become the creator of the beautiful moments in your life.

What interesting things will the cards bring you?

  • I will¬†explain how to work with the cards.
  • You will acquire 40 cards – tips to¬†help you feel calm and relaxed.
  • The cards provide¬†short tips, so without long reading and explanation, you can simply start to experience the desired state of relaxation.
  • You will feel the results¬†within a¬†few minutes.
  • You will become the¬†creator of the calm moments in your life.
  • You will pamper yourself with the¬†attention you deserve. It will help you to develop¬†self-love and reconnect with your inner strength.
  • You can look forward to tips based on my¬†own experience and favorite tips from sound therapy sessions or yoga classes.
  • You will get¬†3 bonuses for free.

Let the little lights of inner peace within you shine.

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By purchasing the cards, you will get quick and practical tips on how to calm down or experience a feeling of relief. You will get straight to the point without lengthy reading.

Yoga and sound healing have been my passion for several years, and I have a desire to learn and study constantly. The tips that I am happy to share with you are based primarily on my experience and work with clients.

In addition, you get three interesting bonuses for free.

And what are they?

Bonuses you will get for free

Bonuses you will get for free

I have prepared for you 20 electronic cards with 20 affirmations to support you on your way to inner calm.

‚Äě40 Tips for Relief and Relaxation‚Äú for printing

I have adjusted the cards with all 40 tips to pdf format for easy printing.

K‚Äě20 Affirmations for Inner Peace " for printing

The cards with 20 affirmations are prepared for you in a pdf document so you can print them out.

Electronic cards are covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you find that the cards are not the right thing for you, write to me within 14 days of the purchase for a refund. Your happiness is important to me.

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Do you have any questions? E-mail me at hana@hanabartosova.com, I will be happy to answer your questions.