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Privacy Policy

If you are my customer, you have subscribed to the newsletters or you are my website visitor, you share your personal data with me. I am responsible for their protection and safety. Therefore, please, become acquainted with the personal data protection principles and rights, you have in the relation to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

I am Hana BartoŇ°ov√° and I¬†run the website www.hanabartosova.com. I¬†process your personal data as a¬†controller and I¬†choose how the personal data is going to be used, for what purposes, for how long. I¬†also choose other processors, that help me with the data processing.

Contact Details

If you wish to contact me during the data processing, please use this e-mail: hanab@hanabartosova.com

I Declare

I declare, as the controller of your personal data, that I meet all legal obligations required by valid legislation, mainly the General Data Protection Act and GDPR. This means:
 I am going to process your personal data only based on valid legal reason, mainly due to a legitimate interest, performance of a contract, legal obligation or given consent.
 According to the Article 13 of the GDPR, I fulfil the information obligation before I start processing personal data.
 I will enable you and support you in exercising and enforcing your rights according to the GDPR and Personal Data Protection Act.

The Range of Personal Data and Purposes of Processing

I process personal data you voluntarily share with me for the following reasons (for fulfiling these purposes):

 Providing services, the performance of the contract. Your personal data (e-mail, name) I need for the performance of the contract (e.g. sending the access to an app, delivering an online course, delivering of merchandise, etc.);

–¬†Bookkeeping.¬†If you are customers, I¬†need your personal data (invoice data) in order to meet the legal obligation for issuing and recording tax documents;

Marketing, sending newsletters. I use your personal data (email and name), gender, what you click on in the email and when you open your emails most often, for the direct marketing purposes Рsending business messages. If you are my customer, I do it from a legitimate interest, as I have reason to assume you are interested in my news, for the period of time until you unsubscribe by yourself. If you are not my customer, I send you newsletters only based on your voluntary consent, for the period of time until you unsubscribe. In both cases, you can withdraw this consent by using the unsubscribe link in every email sent.

–¬†Advanced marketing based on consent.¬†I am allowed to send you inspiring offers of third parties or use your email address e.g. for remarketing and targeting Facebook ads only with your consent until you unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe anytime by using my contact details.

–¬†Photography documentation, references, life events, workshopsy.¬†I can use your photos, references, feedbacks, etc. only with your consent and until you withdraw your consent.¬†Your personal data is kept for the duration of the limitation periods if the law doesn’t state longer periods for their keeping or if I¬†haven’t stated otherwise in specific cases.


While browsing my website, I record your IP address, for how long you stay and which website you come from. I perceive using cookies for monitoring website traffic and website display adjustments as the legitimate interest of the administrator, as we believe, that thanks to this we can offer you even better services.

Cookies for targeted advertising will be processed only based on your consent.

Our website can be browsed also in the mode that doesn’t enable personal data collection. You can disable using cookies on your computer.

Protection and Safety of Personal Data

I protect personal data on the highest possible level by using modern technologies that correspond with the current degree of technical development. I protect them as if they were my own. I have accepted and applied all possible (currently known) technical and organizational procedures that prevent misusage, corruption or destroying of your personal data. 

Passing Personal Data to Third Parties

I use services and apps of providers to proceed specific processing operations I can not manage on my own. They are the following: MailerLite, Facebook, Instagram, Google, GoPay, Simple Shop.

It is possible that I will decide to use other apps or providers in the future to improve and facilitate processing. Nevertheless, we promise you that when choosing any new provider I will claim at least the same level of data processing as I have.

Processing Data outside the European Union

I process data coming solely from the European Union or from the countries that ensure the corresponding level of protection based on European Commission decision

Your Rights Related to The Personal Data Protection

According to the personal data protection, you have a number of rights. If you wish to apply some of these rights, please, contact me via email: hana@hanabartosova.com

You have the right to be informed, which is fulfiled by this information page, with the information on the principles of personal data processing.

Thanks to the right of access, you can acquire information on what personal data of yours I process and why. And I am going to report back to you within 14 days.

If some information from your personal data changes or you find that they are not up to date, you have the right of rectification of personal data.

You can use¬†the right to restrict processing¬†if you presume that I¬†am processing your inaccurate data, you presume I¬†run the processing illegally, but you don’t wish to erase all the data, or if you have objected to the processing. You can limit the range of personal data used or the processing purposes. (Eg. by unsubscribing from a¬†newsletter, you disable the purpose of sending business messages).

The right to data portability. If you wish to transfer your personal data to somebody else, I will proceed your request in the same way as if using the right to access Рbut with the difference that, I will give you the information in the machine-readable form. For this, I need at least 30 days.

Your other right is the right to erasure (to be forgotten). We do not wish to forget you, but if this is your wish, you have the full right to it. In this case, I will delete all your personal data from our system and from the systems of all the partial processors and backups. I need 30 days to secure the erasure right.

In some cases, I am bound by legal obligations, and, for example, I need to keep evidence of issued tax documents for the period laid down by law. In this case, I will erase all the personal data, which are not bound by other law. I am going to inform you about the erasure completion via e-mail. 

Complaint at Office for Personal Data Protection
If you get the impression that I am not processing your data according to the law, you have the right to refer to the Office for Personal Data Protection. I would appreciate it if you contact me first, so I get the chance to do something about it and correct any eventual mistakes.

Unsubscribing from newsletters and business messages. 

If you are my customer I send you e-mails with inspiration, articles, products, services based on my legitimate interest. 

If you are not my customer yet, I send them to you solely based on your consent. In both cases, you can opt out from our e-mails by using the unsubscribe link in every e-mail sent. 


I would like to ensure you I¬†am obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding personal data and safety procedures, which disclosure would compromise the security of your personal data.¬†This¬†confidentiality lasts even after the termination of their engagement with me.¬†Your data won’t be passed onto any other third party without your consent.¬†