Our Rituals

Today I would like to stop and think about our daily rituals. I am sure you have your magical moments, meaning a lot to you. Maybe you consider them to be some daily routine, or you doubt the importance and benefits they provide.

I like to remember the time when I was in yoga training in India

Our yoga philosophy teacher was a great person. His words deeply resonated with me. He made me contemplate about things. Ever since I met him, I have passed on his thoughts to others. We all seek answers to specific questions in our minds. I had one as well. What is my life purpose? What am I gifted with? How can I help others? I believe we all have our unique purpose in this life, and our task is to find it and live it fully.

His answer was quite simple and so true: “You all came for 300 hours yoga teacher training. But there are also 500 hours or 1000 hours trainings. You spend so many hours learning about yoga. What about if you decide to spend the same time trying to find your life purpose. If 300 hours are not enough, make it 500 or 1000 hours or more. The answer is within you, and if you keep asking yourself, one day, you will know it.” 

So, I started to ask myself. I listened to my inner voice and heart. I followed the paths I was drawn to. Sometimes I was not sure where do I go, but I somehow trusted the flow. I did not count minutes, hours, or days. I only concentrated on my inner responses. And after some months, all was clear.

What was I doing over those months?

I created a ritual. Several times a week, I spent some time reflecting on my life purpose. I wanted to find what it is, but at the same time, I realized I couldn’t push it. I wanted the whole process to be an adventure and not an exhausting task. I knew it is important to stay calm to be able to see the answers. And I realized it is only me who can answer my question.

I made notes about my ideas and responses I felt. I followed paths that resonated strongly with me. Sometimes I thought I was moving ahead, and the other time it was the opposite. My physical or emotional responses were the key.

After several months I finally felt the right resonance. I am sure you have experienced it as well. When finding THE RIGHT answer, you can feel it from the bottom of your heart, your body and soul are super happy. You just know this is the right thing for you. You are flooded with the sensation of relief, inner peace, and at the same time, excitement from something new.

My journey supported my initial belief that sound healing, yoga, and self-development are not part of my life by accident. My search took me back from where I started, and I understood that it was not about my life purpose but about how to develop further what I was already doing. Well, life is unpredictable. We are trying to move forward so we can get back to where we started. My project On the Calm Wave came from my journey.

Ritual is not a habit

Ritual can be only a short moment we experience over and over again. But we consciously perceive the moment to be magic. We give it special meaning only we can understand. It has a glittering effect around. It is different from a habit we repeat unconsciously. For instance, we are locking a door. Sometimes we actually do not know if it was locked or not, and we have to go back to check it.

While during the ritual, you consciously focus on the present moment. Every second lasts longer. Your inner world opens up, and treasures hidden inside reveal. Magical energy is created, and when repeated, it gets stronger. 

You tune into the energy of what you want to bring to your life. Later, when you are happy to attract what you had wished for, you can see that the answer was always around, but you were not ready to let it enter your life.

I remember there was a program on TV called You are what you eat. Maybe you can still watch it. I believe we can say You are what you repeat over and over again. In other words, where your energy and attention go, that grows. That is the power of rituals.

We are what we do repeatedly.    

We all have our little rituals throughout the day, like stretching in bed when you wake up, morning coffee, and other little moments we appreciate. I like quiet mornings with a cup of tea. And sometimes, when still in my pajamas, I move to my yoga mat and have some meditation or gentle yoga flow. I like to use Tibetan singing bowls with yoga.

Evening rituals have their significance as well. Feeling gratitude for all the day brought will let you fall asleep in peace, and the next morning you will be fresh again.

You can create rituals with different intentions. For example, find the answers to your questions or to let go of whatever does not serve you anymore. It can be stress, pain, unfairness. There can be magical moments for relaxation and inner peace

Important is you set the ritual the way so you can identify with it. It should be pleasant and should have a magical extent. If you feel your ritual is making you happy, offers you relief and inner peace, then you are on the right path.

I want to mention one more important thought. We all have our dreams and wishes. But if we keep them only in our minds, they stay there. But if we take them further and along with our courage, we get into doing something. The energies will start to change. From the victim like the approach, we are creators of our life.

You are the creator of your life.

A ritual is already an act, a step towards your wish or dream. With the magical spark and regular repeating, we show the universe that we mean it seriously.

Magical rituals repeated regularly tell the universe you mean it seriously. 

Some tips how to create your ritual

Consider your intention. 

Maybe you need to find some answer, you would like to enjoy present moment, be alone for a while, you want to pamper yourself, you need more inner peace, you would like to forgive somebody, or let something go, fear, unfairness, anger. Think about the message you would like to send to the universe. What do you mean seriously?

Think of your magical essence of your ritual.

Why is it so important to you? How would you like to induce the magical feeling? Sometimes it is enough to light a candle.

Choose the activity that resonates with your intention.

Will you be moving? Quietly sitting or will you be preparing something?

Maybe you would like to have mini ritual before the main ritual. 

Prepare the space, enjoy some mantra, let the pleasant feeling of the upcoming ritual blossom inside. 

Think of the best time and place for your ritual. 

Decide when you would like to start and for how long you stick to your ritual. 

When aiming for an answer you can keep your ritual until you find it. Try to repeat your ritual at least for several days, so the new energy you are create can get stronger and leads to the changes. Maybe you ritual will become part of your every day life.

Experience your ritual consciously. Be present every moment. 

When you finish, feel gratitude for the beautiful moments.  

Keep a journal with your thoughts and ideas. 

If something did not work well, do not blame yourself.

Feel gratitude for having your ritual the way it was. Acknowledge yourself for doing the best you could. Maybe you can change something that might work better next time. Take it as a process. Experiment and stay open to the new ideas. It is quite normal that the excitement we had at the beginning fades a bit away. We are human being not machines. If you do the best you can without an exaggerated effort, then you are on the right way. 

What rituals do you have? I will be happy to read some lines from you.

I wish you a wonderful time with your magical moments.


Hana Bartošová
„I love sound healing, and I have been teaching yoga for several years. With the help of both, I will show you how to discover your own strength, restore your inner balance, and learn about self-healing process. I will guide you to your conscious yoga and your inner peace." You can read my full story here