Allow Yourself Benefits of The Sound Healing

You may have heard or read that our inner balance is important for our health and well-being.

We get quite often in stressful situations. Sometimes we overload ourselves and the other time life puts some weight on our back. We may feel tired and exhausted.

You can read in many sources that chronic stress is behind many health issues. 


Our body is an amazing system working on the basis of natural wisdom. Watch how your body recovers just only when you scratch yourself.

This self-healing process is a natural part of you. 

Today’s life is far from nature and its principles of functioning. And so it happens that our inner peace is out of balance and the inner processes work differently.

And how can sound healing help you?

I do not remember who wrote it, but I will share with you the comparison to an orchestra.

Imagine that your body is a big orchestra. 

To sound great, all members should play according to the notes, and a great conductor is needed. But what if one loses part of the notes? He may not sound harmonic anymore, and the whole orchestra may be out of tune.

And what if that happens to more members or the conductor changes the way of conducting? What to do to put it in order?

It is essential to try to solve the cause of the problem and not only deal with the consequences. 

Will the member take some tablets to find temporary relief? Or will you exclude the member from the group? The problem will not disappear. Ideally, we provide notes that were lost. We provide restart to the natural set up.

Sound healing works on a similar principle.

According to ISH (Integral Sound Healing), sound healing uses therapeutical instruments, the power of our intention, and other procedures based on the wisdom of our ancestors and current research.

Thus, it affects all forms of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I use various therapeutical instruments in my sessions such as gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, drums, rain towers, voice, tuning forks, Koshi and more. The sound that these instruments emit is a form of energy penetrating deep into cellular structures.

You can imagine the effect of vibrations like a sound massage.

Some of the sound frequencies we can not hear, but they are still affecting us.

Our cells absorb the sound waves and vibrations, but they also emit them.

Sound can be compared to nourishment - some sound can nourish our brain or nervous system.

Sound healing will help you to dissolve inner blocks and will improve your wellbeing. It tunes your cells to healthy vibrations and supports the recovery of the self-healing process, which is a natural part of you.

If you feel

  • you need to relax and calm down,
  • you have need to recharge your batteries,
  • your mind is busy, and you need to turn it off,
  • you would like to do something for yourself and enjoy a relaxing sound bath,


I would like to invite you to my group events taking place this year:


Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing

We will combine the beneficial effects of restorative yoga and sound healing.



Sound Bath for Relaxation

You can look forward to a variety of therapeutical instruments that will induce relaxation.



Journey of Golden Ball and Healing

Guided meditation and sound healing to facilitate your self-healing process.

All events take place in studio Yoon in Prague 9, from 18:30 till 20:00. For more information about registration, click here.

And how was my first sound bath?

I was in India and with my friend we visited a store with many Tibetan bowls. I wanted to bring one home. The shop assistant was very nice. He offered us tea, and we could also lie down and listen to the bowls he played for us.

It was a beautiful experience, and the vibrations we felt made our day more positive and happy. 

I knew I would buy one bowl because I loved their sound. And I somehow knew it might not be the only bowl in my collection.

Being back home, I liked the idea of combining yoga and a variety of therapeutic instruments. I was looking for a course where I could learn more. I started to study at The Sound Healing Academy in the UK. I had no idea that a new world of sounds and vibrations would open up to me.

During the study of sound healing, I experienced several other sound baths.

What I experienced through sound healing thrilled me. Sounds got me into deeper meditative states then I knew from yoga, and I felt more balanced. 

My friends and people coming to my sessions as “guinea pigs” were excited, and they told me I had to spread it further.

Therapeutical sounds get you to deep meditative states and keep you there for a longer time. You can generally experience these states just before falling asleep or waking up. That is why you feel charged, relaxed and regenerated after the sound bath.

Come to enjoy the benefits of some healing. For more information, click here.

I am looking forward to seeing you and wish you beautiful moments on the calm wave.

Hana Bartošová
„I love sound healing, and I have been teaching yoga for several years. With the help of both, I will show you how to discover your own strength, restore your inner balance, and learn about self-healing process. I will guide you to your conscious yoga and your inner peace." You can read my full story here